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2020  Applications NOW CLOSED

Crockpot 2020




We are no longer accepting applications for Crockpot's 2020 arts event. Artists will be announced soon. 

Crockpot Theatre is a collection of new works created by artists across disciplines. Arts Nest (Phoenix Theater in Minneapolis) is co-producing and hosting us for a second year!

We are now assembling a team of incredible artists - from dancers to illustrators to actors to writers to photographers. Each artist is given common ‘ingredients’ they must include in their work. Over 8 weeks, each artist-creator will produce a new work from scratch, and when it’s done simmering, they serve it up to you ---with a gallery showing and performances at Art Nest's Phoenix Theater in Minneapolis, MN.

The purpose of Crockpot is to assemble an eclectic group of individual, unique artists that like to create new work. Cross pollination between the different art forms is what makes Crockpot so unique. ​​​​

Intrigued and want to know more about this year's requirements? Check out our FAQ page:

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