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I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I've been creating art since the age of 5 years old.

I love creating emotion when I create and paint. I mainly work with acrylics on canvas. Peace and unity are the common emotions captured.


In 2007, I lost my 14 year old sister Charez to gun violence. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time – just innocent. After having to live after that, I began to grieve in a way that dimmed my own light. I no longer had the passion to create. A year later, I began drawing and writing a book dedicated to Charez that helped me to grieve in a more positive, less self-harming way. Eleven years later, I no longer have this block on creativity. I feel inspired, more open to talk and more in love with myself. I believe healing and forgiveness occurred. Charez is the inspiration that made me want to share my gifts with the world. She was so full of life, so bright and a real joy to be around. Ever since I lost my sister, I’ve gained so many. With that being said, no one can replace her, but I now have a special relationship with each young woman I encounter. I look after them as if they were my very own. I give advice and advocate and truly desire to see them well and blessed. This world needs more sisters, more brothers, more mothers, more fathers, less violence and more unity.


I like connecting to my community. The people around me – hearing people’s stories, and stories that may not be my own. I’m good at storytelling through visuals and through my words. I like bringing emotions visually – feeling emotion when you look at something.

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