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Crockpot Spring 2019

Crockpot Theatre premiered in 2019 at Phoenix Theater in Minneapolis, MN, co-produced by Arts Nest. Over the course of two months, ten new art pieces were created and presented in a cumulative weekend of performances and the gallery opening. 

Using the three ingredients (1.Black  2."A Noise in the Dark"  3.Negative Space), five visual artists and five performing artists created new works in a wide range of genres (poetry, storytelling, dance, painting, photography, and more).

2019 Visual Artists

  • Briauna S. Williams

  • Dave Branch

  • Elizabeth Lueth

  • Kate Liestman

  • Torin Horvik

2019 Performing Artists

  • Elizabeth Horab

  • Fernando Nuñez Mendes

  • Jordyn Taylor

  • Joshua Lorris

  • Laura Bidgood

2019 Community Support

  • Co-Producer: Arts Nest at Phoenix Theatre, Minneapolis, MN

  • Media Sponsor: Liberal Arts Media (Connections Radio on AM950)

2019 Production Team

  • Elizabeth Horab - Art Director & Executive Producer

  • Chava Rey Curland - Marketing Director & Co-Producer

  • Lori Horvik - Stage Manager

  • Scott Horvik - Sound Engineer

  • Shane Sukhwant Bonner - Gallery build crew

  • Torin Horvik - Logo Design &Board Operator

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